Young Master Qin Keeps Coveting Me After I Beat Him Up

Chapter 313 - Qin Mufeng’s Low-Key Arrival

Chapter 313: Qin Mufeng’s Low-Key Arrival

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“We will have to wait for a long time for the show to be approved. If I’m unlucky, it will even be canceled. Also, the ship in the next show might not be suitable in terms of image and topic.” The more Miyao thought about it, the more he felt that this was the best opportunity. “This is a rare opportunity. Director Guo’s show has been approved and is guaranteed to be a star. Moreover, the speed at which it’s approved and broadcasted is extremely fast.”

“It’s a rare opportunity that Jiang Xun will be acting as my girlfriend this time. Although she has some issues with her brain, it’s fine as long as she’s pretty. Her looks are just right for me,” Miyao said as he thought about it. “This show will be able to be aired soon after filming is completed. It can also increase my popularity as soon as possible. It’s much better than the next show that I don’t know what’s going to happen next.”

“She’s not cooperating. Are you planning to release a script on your own?” Caoye was very familiar with this kind of routine. Upon hearing what Miyao said, he immediately guessed what Miyao was thinking.

“Mm.” The corners of Miyao’s mouth curled up coldly. “Jiang Xun and I have quite a few scenes together. It’s inevitable that we’ll be together during the scenes. Let’s take some photos then and go back to the marketing account to release a script. The photo will be taken on behalf of the company, and the draft will be sent from the marketing account. It won’t say anything explicitly, but it’s just to guide the fans. Even if Jiang Xun isn’t happy about it, they wouldn’t be able to find us. It’s not like we were the ones who took the lead.”

“Isn’t this the same as when Jiang Xun tied Qin Mufeng up and hyped their ship?” Miyao sneered, “If it weren’t for the fact that Lu Xiuse tried to use Qin Mufeng and messed up, Jiang Xun wouldn’t have been so scared that she stopped immediately. She already did this kind of thing herself, so she should know very well. How could she have the face to come to us?”

Caoye nodded. “That makes sense. Alright, I’ll get someone to do it right away.”

The crew came over to call Miyao to get ready to start filming his scenes.

When Miyao went over, Jiang Xun was listening to Haolun explaining the scene.

Miyao went over to listen, and Haolun told Miyao as well.

After the explanation, Haolun went to prepare for the start of filming.

Miyao saw that Jiang Xun was not embarrassed at all because she had just deleted him as a friend, and he was furious. He even pretended to be innocent and asked, “Jiang Xun, why did you delete me from your friend list? I just had a suggestion. If you don’t agree, you don’t have to remove me.”

Unexpectedly, Jiang Xun was not embarrassed at all. Instead, she said confidently, “Oh, I just don’t want to hear you talk about it all the time.”

Miyao: “…”

Did Jiang Xun understand the basic ways of the world?!

She was so straightforward and didn’t give him any face. She must have offended a lot of people!

It was unbelievable that she could still make it this far.

Miyao smiled indulgently and dotingly. “Okay, okay. If you don’t want to hear it, I won’t say it anymore. But, can we add each other as friends?”

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“No need. I don’t want to cause any misunderstandings.” Jiang Xun pointed at Xin’an. “If you really want to contact me, why don’t you add my assistant on Wechat?”

Miyao: “…”

Who wanted to add her assistant!

He was a big star. Adding someone else’s assistant on Wechat was ridiculous!

Haolun called them to get ready to start.

Jiang Xun and Miyao stood at the positions Haolun had previously determined.

This scene was where the two of them expressed their feelings for each other.

The filming crew didn’t follow the timeline of the plot.

In order to reduce the cost and time of the contract, they rearranged the sequence and shot according to the current situation. After all the filming was done, they would edit the plot smoothly.

Therefore, although Miyao had just joined the crew, he had not yet acted the part where he met Jiang Xun. He had to act the part where he was in love with her.

Miyao sorted out the rest of the scenes.

There was a scene where he was going to kiss Jiang Xun on the forehead.

Haolun called for filming to begin.

Jiang Xun and Miyao began to walk through the scene.

At this moment, all the crew members were focused on filming.

The other actors were either waiting for their scenes in their RVs or filming in Group B.

No one noticed that two people were walking over quietly at this moment.

Haolun’s assistant was holding Haolun’s thermos cup. He had just refilled the cup with hot water when he saw the two people he had not seen before he left.

The assistant was shocked!

Why was Mufeng here!

The assistant was about to speak when he saw Zhang Chengnan, who was standing beside Mufeng, pressing his index finger against his lips.

The assistant quickly stopped talking, but he quickly walked over and whispered, “You two…”

“I’m here to see Jiang Xun,” Mufeng said. “She doesn’t know that I’m here and I din’t want to disturb the filming crew, so I secretly came to take a look. There’s no need for you to make a fuss.”

Due to the sandstorm, all the traffic was blocked.

Mufeng couldn’t come even if he wanted to.

Now that things had returned to normal, Mufeng immediately set off to come here.

However, the county town was relatively remote, and there were many interchanges on the road, so it was more troublesome to come here.

Previously, Jiang Xun and Zilong had dinner with Haolun and Screenwriter Yu. Since his assistant wasn’t around, he didn’t see Mufeng pick up Jiang Xun.

Now that he saw Mufeng, Haolun’s assistant was shocked!

The assistant’s pupils were trembling. Jiang Xun and Mufeng?

Was the Fengjiang ship real?

He wanted to go to the Fengjiang ship and punch the card now!

Straight into the pit!

At this moment, Screenwriter Yu saw Haolun’s assistant chatting with two men.

From his angle, he could see Mufeng’s back.

He could not recognize Mufeng at first glance, but he felt that the man not far away was tall and slender. He was wearing a loose windbreaker, and his broad shoulders supported the loose-fitting windbreaker like a hanger.

Screenwriter Yu walked over and asked, “Little Xiong, these two…”

Before Screenwriter Yu could finish his sentence, he had already walked in front of Mufeng and Chengnan. When he saw Mufeng, the rest of his words were stuck in his throat.

“Mr. Qin!” Screenwriter Yu called out in a low voice.

The corner of Little Xiong’s eyes twitched.

It seemed that Screenwriter Yu wasn’t completely tactless and was rather smart.

Seeing that he didn’t make a sound when facing Mufeng and didn’t tell Haolun, Screenwriter Yu could guess that Mufeng had come in a low-key manner and didn’t intend to alarm anyone else.

The things that Screenwriter Yu had told others previously made others feel especially depressed and not know how to respond. Could it be that he had done it on purpose!

Little Xiong couldn’t help but look at Screenwriter Yu in shock.

Old Yu, you’re pretending to be a pig to eat a tiger!

Screenwriter Yu was puzzled by Little Xiong’s gaze. Just as he was about to speak to Mufeng, he saw Mufeng’s gaze fall on Jiang Xun.

At this moment, it was time for Miyao to hold Jiang Xun’s shoulder and prepare to kiss her between her eyebrows.

Jiang Xun closed her eyes and subconsciously frowned.

“Stop!” Haolun didn’t expect that Jiang Xun’s first NG since she joined the crew was just because of a kiss between her eyebrows.

Haolun thought for a moment. Jiang Xun had indeed never filmed any kissing scenes before, not even on the cheek.

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