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Chapter 559 - 559 Just A Guy From The Immortal Realm

559 Just A Guy From The Immortal Realm

“You don’t have to worry about this. I’ll teleport you there.”

Lin Qiye looked at the crowd in a relaxed manner.

However, the Queen was stunned when she heard this.

Teleportation consumes a lot of energy, and if it is used continuously, the energy consumption will increase several times.

“No, we have too many people. If we wait for you to transfer us all over, I’m afraid half of your strength will be consumed!”

Under normal circumstances, even a powerhouse who had mastered teleportation could only carry two or three people at a time. That was the limit.

Under such circumstances, Lin Qiye would have to make at least a few dozen round trips if he wanted to move all people to a place thousands of miles away.

Even if an ace in the Celestial Realm were to come, they might not be able to withstand such a consumption.

“Don’t worry. I can still bear this little consumption.”

Lin Qiye said it casually as if he didn’t care about the energy consumption of teleportation at all.

It wasn’t because he was arrogant but because he now had the help of the divine weapon [Wan].

[Wan]’s effects were mainly focused on the domain and energy absorption.

In the past, it would have been a huge drain on Lin Qiye to move dozens of people.

But now, with Wan Meng helping him absorb energy and with the help of his domain, he could quickly move dozens of people at the same time without using much energy.

Lin Qiye was like the beloved child of heaven and earth under Wan’s domain. As long as he was within it, his mobility would be enhanced, even a secret skill like teleportation.

“Where is Fanhua City? I’ll take you there now.”

Lin Qiye did not explain further. Instead, he urged the Queen to gather everyone and continue on their way.

Although the Queen had doubts, she had no choice but to call for the crowd to gather quickly when she saw Lin Qiye’s confidence.

“Everyone, gather!”

“From now on, we will listen to Lord Holy Infant’s orders. We cannot disobey him!”


No one dared to disobey the Queen’s order.

Although the Immortal Realm powerhouses were curious about what Lin Qiye wanted to do, no one dared to ask.

“You only need to stand near me. Next, please restrain your divine sense and do not rashly investigate the outside.”

Lin Qiye’s expression became stern as he looked at the crowd.

“Next, I’ll take you directly to the location of the demon army. If anyone disobeys my instructions and exposes their whereabouts in advance, don’t blame me for not showing any mercy.”

Immortal Realm experts had better methods of hiding their aura. Even if they appeared next to another Immortal Realm expert, they might not be able to detect them without using their divine sense.

However, that level of concealment technique had long been lost.

“Lord Holy Infant, we don’t have any powerful concealment techniques. Even if we restrain our divine senses, we’ll be easily exposed!”

Someone mustered up the courage to ask. It immediately attracted a burst of agreement.

Lin Qiye didn’t waste time and immediately activated Wan’s domain to envelop everyone.

“Under my realm, as long as you don’t use your spiritual consciousness to spy on me, even powerhouses at the Earth Immortal Realm can’t detect your existence!”

The moment they were enveloped by Wan’s domain, everyone’s hearts, including the Queen’s, began to race. They subconsciously went into a defensive stance.

Within the domain, they only felt their strength had been suppressed by one-third!

That tyrannical pressure had already far exceeded the pressure the Queen exuded when she was angry.

“Is Lord Holy Infant a Celestial?”

Someone suddenly exclaimed.

“Hahaha! With Lord Holy Infant in this battle, Country Xu will win!”

After a brief moment of fear, everyone’s hearts were overwhelmed with joy.

An ace in the Immortal Realm was already an existence that stood proudly at the peak. Someone in the Celestial Realm was enough to compete with an empire.

The reason why Shang Empire was ranked first among the four was that their Emperor was a Celestial. As for the other three great empires, they only had peak Earth Immortal rulers.

The two seemed to be only one step away, but in reality, that one step was the distance between heaven and earth.

“Let’s go!”

The crowd of experts was in high spirits.

Under the Queen’s guidance, Lin Qiye teleported a few times before he sensed the aura of a demon.

However, it wasn’t because he had already reached the demon’s territory but because his divine sense could touch it.

With Wan Meng’s help, Lin Qiye’s divine sense could cover 10,000 miles. However, the distance he could teleport each time was only a few dozen miles.

But even so, the speed of their journey was far beyond what everyone could match.

In less than 15 minutes, dozens of Immortal Realm experts appeared in the sky above a barren field.

Everyone had followed Lin Qiye and teleported over a hundred times. They were already used to the changes in their surroundings.

Just when they thought Lin Qiye would continue to move, they saw a grim expression on his face. He stood still and had no intention of moving forward.

“What’s wrong? We haven’t reached Fanhua City yet, have we?”

The Queen looked at Lin Qiye in confusion.

Lin Qiye did not answer. Instead, he closed his eyes and began to spread his mental power.

With Wan Meng’s cover, he wasn’t afraid of being discovered by demons.

As Lin Qiye’s mental power expanded, the scene within a radius of 10,000 miles quickly appeared in his mind.


Less than a thousand miles away from where they stood, the demon army had gathered in an orderly manner, and their numbers had reached several million.

Moreover, they were still gathering in the surroundings.

“132 demons at the Human Immortal Level and one demon at the Earth Immortal Level. What a terrifying power!”


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