The Elite Assassin Becomes a Flat and Ugly Nerd!

Chapter 61 - Not Interested in Scientific Research

Chapter 61: Not Interested in Scientific Research

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Seeing Shan Yue look over with a puzzled expression, Shan Chen knew that she had completely forgotten about the question she did that day. He quickly explained to Shan Yue, “It’s the question I asked you to do last time. The person who solves it can obtain a guaranteed place at the Capital University and can do research with those powerful professors. His future is limitless!”

“Oh,” Shan Yue replied indifferently after hearing this. She did not even look up, as if she did not care at all.

Shan Chen flipped through his post with ten million views and could not suppress the excitement in his heart. He loudly read a few praises and flattering comments to Shan Yue that had an extremely high like count. His face was red with excitement.

Suddenly, he said happily, “Sister! Several professors from Capital University have specially registered accounts and appeared in the comments section. They said that as long as you’re willing to appear, they can agree to any request…”

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“It’s just a question. Don’t make a fuss.” Shan Yue was amused by Shan Chen’s comical appearance. She chuckled and rubbed his head. Only Shan Chen sincerely hoped that she would become better and never be jealous of her. This was what a family member should be like. Shan Yue was very satisfied.

“This is not an ordinary question. Ever since it was announced, countless academic big shots and teams have been working hard to solve it, but no one has been able to achieve more than half of the higher progress! Sister, you solved it alone. You’re simply a genius!”

After a pause, Shan Chen lowered his head and saw that his only follower, Lin Xiao, had sent him a private message. His words were a little shaky. “Oh my god, Lin Xiao sent me a private message. Sister, are you willing to get this guaranteed admission?”

Shan Chen thought that as the final goal of all the college entrance examination students, there was no reason for Shan Yue to reject their sincere invitation. It was also a certainty that she would be admitted to the Capital University. By asking this, he was respecting Shan Yue’s decision.

However, while he was sincerely happy for Shan Yue’s glorious future, he heard her reject him without hesitation. “No need.”

“Huh? Why?” Shan Chen was stunned.

Capital University was indeed the target of Shan Yue’s revenge. Other than that, she could not think of any other reason why she had to be sent to Capital University.

Shan Yue said, “I’m not interested in doing research with those old pedants. I’m not interested in scientific research.”

“But Capital University is the top university in the Federation…” Shan Chen hesitated.

“I can consider it, but there’s no need for a guaranteed admission,” Shan Yue replied. Since she had the strength to get into the Capital University, the so-called guaranteed spot was not attractive to her. Moreover, if she really appeared to respond, who knew how many gazes would fall on her? She did not want to be exposed so early.

Seeing that Shan Yue’s attitude was firm, Shan Chen could not persuade her anymore. He just exhaled regretfully. “Alright.”

Sensing that Shan Chen was a little depressed, Shan Yue asked considerately, “What about you? Do you want to have a guaranteed admission to the Capital University?”

She knew that Shan Chen had always been outstanding in his studies. It was almost certain that he would be admitted to the Capital University. Seeing that Shan Chen was filled with enthusiasm and yearning for the Capital University and mathematics research, Shan Yue felt that it was good to leave this guaranteed admission opportunity to Shan Chen.

When Shan Chen heard this, he understood what Shan Yue meant. He refused without thinking, “I don’t need it either! I-I want to be like Sister and enter with my own strength!”

With that, the siblings looked at each other and smiled, understanding each other’s thoughts. Shan Yue had the confidence and pride of an expert, and Shan Chen was also willing to train himself and catch up to his sister.

Looking at the dialog box that Lin Xiao had sent over, Shan Chen hesitated for a long time before silently deleting the message. His fingers paused on the input box.

He recalled the lost days in the past. He had relied on Lin Xiao’s deeds to guide him forward. He had worked hard and studied hard, studying his entire life to obtain more and more vast knowledge.

But now, he had already found his true goal. That was to follow in his sister’s footsteps and work hard to be side by side with her to realize the greatest value in life like her.

In the end, Shan Chen only replied to Shan Yue’s original words, “No need.” After replying, Shan Chen’s restless heart calmed down. He put away his phone and focused on what he had to do.

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