My Clones Cultivated Low Grade Martial Arts Until They Became Immortal Martial Arts

Chapter 74 - 300,000 silver taels

Chapter 74: 300,000 silver taels

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Hu Hongyi did not dare to be careless. She displayed the palm technique that she had been practicing for more than 30 years. Her palms interweaved into illusionary palm shadows that were like dancing and jumping foxes as they met su Jie’s heavy punch.

“Bang Bang Bang!”

The sound of continuous collisions rang out. Every time they collided, the overflowing force shook the ground and broke the flowers and grass. That powerful force was visible to the naked eye!

“They’re fighting?”

Outside the forest, the patriarch of the Lin family and the others heard the commotion coming from within the forest. All of them were extremely apprehensive.

Of course, they hoped that su Jie would win. Otherwise, if Hu Hongyi won or escaped, she might hold a grudge against the Zhang family and take revenge on them!

“Dammit! Was this kid a monster? I have to do my best to deal with each punch!”

At this time, in the forest, Hu Hongyi’s expression was extremely ugly. He was at a complete disadvantage in the battle with su Jie. Su Jie’s fists were so heavy that each punch required him to activate his inner force to the extreme and use a force-dispersing technique before he could barely withstand it.

Even so, Hu Hongyi felt as if she had lost all feeling in her hands!

Hu Hongyi understood that she had to give it her all in order to defeat this little brat who had appeared out of nowhere!

“Spirit fox blood refinement technique!”

Hu Hongyi’s eyes were bloodshot, and his heart was beating rapidly. The flow of qi and blood in his body had increased by dozens of times. Wisps of blood-red mist spread out from his pores, forming a layer of gauze that covered his body, and it was about to form a battle flag.


A cold light bloomed from Hu Hongyi’s sleeve like a venomous snake’s tongue. It was a soft sword hidden in her sleeve. Under the infusion of Hu Hongyi’s power, it instantly straightened and stabbed straight at su Jie’s heart. The tip of the sword was surrounded by a blood-colored aura. As the tip of the sword trembled, it brought with it a series of afterimages, illusory and fatal!

Hu Hongyi burst out with the power of her blood and Qi and went all out!


Su Jie’s eyes seemed to be flashing with lightning. The true energy in his body began to rotate rapidly and flowed through his body according to a specific pattern.

Vajra transformation!

“Ka ka ka!”

Su Jie’s bone armor let out a crisp crackling sound, and his body instantly grew more than a foot taller. His body became more burly and taller, and the clothes on his body swelled up, revealing the outline of his muscles. An overbearing aura compressed the air, making an explosive sound!


Hu Hongyi’s sword, which had erupted with her qi and blood power, arrived in an instant. It stabbed straight at su Jie’s chest, tearing the clothes on his chest. However, the tip of the sword could not penetrate su Jie’s muscles any further after piercing less than one centimeter. The entire blade of the long sword was bent and almost broke!

His body hardening technique had reached the fourth realm, and his skin and muscles were as tough as bluestone. Under the diamond transformation, su Jie’s physical strength seemed to have increased by a large amount. Even Hu Hongyi’s attack with her blood Qi could only cause superficial injuries. At most, it could only cause a slight scratch on his skin!

“How is it possible?” A chill rose in Hu Hongyi’s heart. His full-powered attack could not cause any effective damage to su Jie. It was difficult to break su Jie’s defense. This meant that he basically had no chance of winning against su Jie.

Under the Vajra transformation, su Jie, who was more than two meters tall, had a force that filled his limbs and bones. He looked down at Hu Hongyi and grinned, ” “You take my saber too!”

Su Jie’s palm pressed on the hilt of the black Thunder saber at his waist. He suddenly unsheathed the black Thunder saber and held the saber with one hand. He raised it high and slashed down. There was no change. It was just a simple and heavy slash!


However, the speed and power of the blade had reached an extreme. Before it fell, Hu Hongyi felt a penetrating chill, as if her body was about to be cut open.


Hu Hongyi did not have the courage to take it head-on. She exerted her body technique to the extreme and moved ten feet away, avoiding su Jie’s blade.

Chi la!

With a tearing sound, the soil flew and the ground cracked. A three-finger wide and three-foot-long crack appeared, and its bottom could not be seen!

Cold sweat dripped from Hu Hongyi’s forehead. He had been split into two just now because he had been a little slower!

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“Stop!” Hu Hongyi hastily shouted. We don’t have a life-and-death feud. Do you want money? I’ll give it all to you!”

In the face of su Jie, who was as terrifying as a monster, Hu Hongyi had no chance of winning. At this moment, she hurriedly begged for mercy and was willing to give all the money she had just received to su Jie.

“Even if I kill you, bi an will still be mine!” Su Jie’s entire body was filled with energy. His voice was deep and heavy, and he did not hold back at all!

Since he had already made his move, he had to cut the weeds and eliminate the roots, and kill Hu Hongyi!

Tribulation Thunder Blade technique. The sky whirled and Thunder spun!

Su Jie held his saber with one hand and performed the killing move of the Thunderbolt saber technique. He swung his saber at an extreme speed. The combination of powerful strength and extreme speed made the saber beam cold. It was like a ball of constantly rotating Thunder as it strangled toward Hu Hongyi.

The Tribulation Thunder saber technique he got from Lei Yue of the Thunder faction had reached a very profound level under the hard cultivation of the spirit Tree avatar and the ape avatar. Together with his body that was as strong as a demon beast, he was unrivaled!


Hu Hongyi was both shocked and angry. She let out a crazy roar and activated her qi and blood power to the extreme. Her blood vessels protruded from her skin. The body of her long sword trembled, and the sword shadow was like a shuttle. She was going to use all she had to block Su Jie’s killing move!

“Chi Chi Chi!”

However, Hu Hongyi felt the pain of his body being torn apart in a series of tearing sounds. The long sword in his hand was severely broken and shattered by the rotating saber Qi. A series of tearing sounds came from his body.

su jie kept his saber, and the smell of blood in the air became stronger. a line of blood appeared on hu hongyi’s neck, chest, waist, and abdomen. then, her whole body was torn into pieces and scattered on the ground!

Hu Hongyi’s eyes were still filled with unwillingness. He was born in a martial arts family and had a promising future, but he had died in the hands of a young man whose name he did not even know. He died with a grievance.

“I’ve dealt with Wufu”

Su Jie let out a deep breath. The rapid flow of true Qi in his body slowed down, and his body returned to normal.

With su Jie’s current strength, he was almost invincible among those of the same rank. Even if Hu Hongyi was only one step away from the second change in vitality, su Jie could still kill him easily!

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