I Get A Random New Occupation Every Week

Chapter 19

Chapter 19: I’m Freaking Out!

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“Of… of course you can.”

“Then help me put it away.”

Lin Yi did some calculations. With his current assets, buying a watch worth 17.5 million was a bit of a luxury.

However, the guy was mocking him in public. If he didn’t show off, he’d really be looked down on.

After all, the Peninsula Hotel and the Zhong Hai International Racetrack were both his now, and he’d have a steady stream of income in the future. It didn’t matter if he spent some money to buy a watch at this moment.

The people in the broadcast room exploded when they heard that Lin Yi was going to buy the 175th anniversary model.

“Grandkids, did you see that? Almighty Lin is going to buy the 175th anniversary model. Is there anything else you want to force him to do?”

“He spent 17.5 million just like that. You’ve never seen so much money in your life, have you?”

“Is Almighty Lin looking for a sugar baby? I can do anything.”

Faced with the crowd’s attack, the trolls stopped talking.

In reality, they just wanted to use the keyboard in their hands to mock him.

However, he had casually bought a watch worth 17.5 million. There was no more room for them to mock him anymore.

“Sir, there’s something I need to explain to you.” The female store manager walked over and said in the gentlest tone.

“The model in the window is just a model. If you really want to buy it, we’ll need to transfer the goods over from the Swiss headquarters. It’ll take at least three days.”

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“Alright, but I might not have time to come over. Do you provide door-to-door service?”

“Sir, you must be joking. If you buy this watch, even if the officials don’t provide delivery service, we’ll still pay out of our own pockets to deliver it to you. Don’t worry about that.”

“Alright then, use your card now.” Lin Yi handed the card over. “Password 0000000.”

He took the card from Lin Yi’s hand and swiped away 17.5 million yuan.

Even the female employees who were used to seeing rich people were amazed, let alone Xia Xinyu.

Spending so much money to buy a watch.

Most rich people would not do such a thing.

“Little Sun, go and take down the watch from the window display,” said the female shop assistant.

“Got it, Sister Liu. I’ll go now.”

Xia Xinyu was a little curious. “Why did you take it down? Are you not selling it anymore?”

“Ma’am, it’s like this. There are only six pieces of this 175th anniversary model available throughout the world, and only one piece is allocated to China. If Mr. Lin buys this watch, Patek Philippe stores across the country will no longer have the right to sell this watch, so we have to take it down.”

“I see.”

Seeing the female shop assistant take down the model in the window, the surrounding people came over to watch the show.

This 175th anniversary commemorative watch had been displayed in the window for more than a year. No one had expected that it would be taken down on such an ordinary day.

This meant that someone had bought this watch!

The staff members of several nearby stores were very curious. They wanted to come out and see which tycoon had bought this 10-million-dollar watch.

“Little Sun? You sold the 175th Anniversary Model?” Zhang Li, the female store manager of Vacheron Constantin, asked in surprise.

“We just sold it. A gentleman bought this watch.”

“There are too many tycoons in Zhong Hai. They actually bought this watch? Let me see what it looks like.”

Zhang Li was a little jealous. Vacheron Constantin was not a bad brand. Why did the tycoon go to Patek Philippe instead?

“He’s in the shop.” The salegirls said.

Zhang Li tilted her head and glanced at the Patek Philippe Store. She was stunned.

“Isn’t that the young couple that came to my store just now?” Zhang Li asked.

At that moment, Lin Yi walked out of the store with a receipt and bumped into Zhang Li.

“What a coincidence, you’re here.” Lin Yi remarked.

“Sir, you bought the 175th Anniversary Watch?”

“Do you have a problem with that?”

“No, no, no, I don’t have a problem with that.”

Zhang Li wanted to die.

If she didn’t look down on people just now, they would have spent their money in her store, right?

She was freaking losing my mind!

“Sir, our store has a lot of new models too. Why don’t you come to our store again?”

“Forget it. Your Vacheron Constantin is too high-class. A poor man like me can only afford Patek Philippe.” Lin Yi said.

The employees of Patek Philippe were secretly laughing. These rich kids really knew how to rub salt in their wounds!

“Sir, I’m just a small shopkeeper. Why do you have to lower yourself to my level?” Zhang Li smiled awkwardly.

“It’s mainly because your brand is too high-class, and I really can’t afford it.” Lin Yi pointed at the middle-aged couple not far away.

“You can go look for them. They’re obviously rich people. I only have coins in my pocket, so how can I compete with them?”

Seeing Zhang Li and the middle-aged couple being ridiculed, the live broadcast room was filled with jeers.

“Serves you right for looking down on Almighty Lin. You’re courting death!”

“Even the noble Vacheron Constantin cannot afford to offend him.”

“What the f*ck, even Patek Philippe is considered a cheap to him?”

Lin Yi looked around and found the elevator. He said to Xia Xinyu,

“Let’s go upstairs.”

“Okay, okay, okay.”

Xia Xinyu felt good when she saw Lin Yi mocking Zhang Li.

It was great to be rich. If it was her, she would have left quietly after being provoked by Zhang Li.

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However, Lin Yi was different. He bought a watch worth nearly 17.5 million and verbally slapped Zhang Li in the face. She didn’t even dare to say a word in response.

It was good to have money!

Under the envy of countless people, the two of them reached the sixth floor together.

This was a section that sold luxury goods. If you just gave the word, there was nothing that could not be bought here.

“Do you know anything about men’s clothing?” Lin Yi asked.

The clothes he used to wear were Anta, Semir, and the like. Lin Yi didn’t know much about other brands of men’s clothing, so he wanted to ask for Xia Xinyu’s opinion.

“I heard that Versace and Armani’s men’s clothing are pretty good. You can go check them out.”

Xia Xinyu had only heard of them. She didn’t know much about the two brands.

If it wasn’t for Lin Yi, she wouldn’t have had the guts to come to this floor before this.

“Let’s go. Versace seems to be in front. Let’s go check them first.”


They walked a dozen meters forward and were stopped by the salesgirl as soon as they entered the store.

“Sir, please wait.”

“What’s wrong?”

The salesgirl didn’t say anything but pointed at a small sign next to them. The two looked at it and saw that it read.

“No webcasting allowed.”

Xia Xinyu felt awkward when she saw the sign and her face turned red.

“Huh? What kind of rule is that? Your mall is too weird,” Lin Yi said.

“It’s not a mall rule, it’s because one online streamer’s reputation in particular wasn’t very good. Not only did she criticize us, but she didn’t even buy anything in the end. We had no choice but to enforce this rule.”

The salesgirl’s face was filled with a sense of superiority. She was basically saying that Lin Yi was a poor guy who was just trying to please the crowd.


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