Farming in the Mountains: Max Level Jiaojiao Is Three Years Old

Chapter 325 - 325 Unreasonable

325 Unreasonable

In short, she could only act unreasonably to her daughter. However, she still couldn’t bring herself to do so knowing that her money was on the line. She was stubborn and refused to apologize. Now that she was in a stalemate, she could only begrudgingly cross her arms and scoff.

“What are you doing here today?”

Without Liu Guisheng and the others to back her up, Grandma Liu didn’t beat around the bush and got to the main point. She rudely spoke, “Forty silver. Give me forty silver and I’ll leave immediately. Otherwise, I won’t move and stay here. You don’t dare to kick out an old lady!”

As she spoke, Grandma Liu sat down on a bamboo chair and huffed.

That old lady’s face was extremely arrogant and extremely shameless!

Liu Guixia immediately pretended to be mad. “You know what? I’ll just fight it out with you today! I can’t live like this anymore!” As she spoke, she picked up a vegetable knife from the anvil and rushed toward Grandma Liu.

Grandma Liu was scared to death and jumped up from her chair. “Liu Guixia, are you crazy?!”

“Yes, I’m crazy. You gave me no choice!”

Yu Hongyan and Li Hehua held back their laughter, afraid that they would expose the plan.

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“Murderer!” Grandma Liu ran out in a panic.

As soon as Grandma Liu ran out, Liu Guixia, who was chasing after her with a vegetable knife, immediately closed the courtyard door with a bang. Then, she leaned against the door, hugged her stomach, and laughed. “Wow! That was refreshing!”

She really couldn’t take it anymore and laughed to her heart’s content.

Li Hehua and Yu Hongyan also laughed along. Yu Hongyan wiped the corner of her eye and said, “She’s really afraid of death.”

When Grandma Liu heard the laughter outside, she knew that she had been tricked. She immediately turned around and slammed the door. “Liu Guixia! Liu Guixia! You unfilial daughter! Hurry up and open the door! Open the door right now!”

Liu Guixia and the others ignored her. They tidied up the cooking area under the shed again before starting on the rice noodles.

Before breakfast, her two sons were busy watering the fields. The rest were still in the mountain and the town. Neither of them were fazed by this morning’s sudden news.

Meanwhile, Grandma Liu was still outside, banging on the door and shouting like a mad lady.

“Liu Guixia! Open up the door right now! I am your mother! How dare you treat me like this?!”

However, as an old lady, her energy slowly faded out. After shouting for a while, Grandma Liu had no more strength to shout, but she was still not willing to go back, so she sat down at the entrance of the courtyard.

She was so angry that she even plucked the two bunches of green daffodils that Jiang Yue and Xue Yan had planted at the entrance and threw them at the entrance.

However, the sun was getting brighter and there was no shade where she sat, so she moved to sit under the shade. Every time she met a person passing by, she would pat the ground with both hands and cry.

“Look, look! Look at how Liu Guixia is treating her mother. She isn’t letting me in and shut the door in my face! How can there be such a daughter in the world? Why did I give birth to her in the first place?

“If I had known that she was such an animal, I would have never given birth to her even if I had to die!”

Grandma Liu continued to wail. When she saw that no one was around, she shouted at the courtyard, “Liu Guixia, if you don’t want to open the door, then I’ll just sit here and ruin your reputation! I’ll tell the whole village what you’ve done! Let’s see how you’re going to face others! You vile beast, you won’t even give your own mother forty silver… Are you saving up for my coffin instead?!”

“Mother, she’s being too much!” In the courtyard, Yu Hongyan couldn’t take the screaming anymore. She wanted to open the courtyard door and give this old woman a good scolding.

Liu Guixia stopped her. “Be patient. No one is even paying attention to her. They all know what kind of a person she is.”


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