Awakening The Gluttony Talent: I Become Stronger By Eating

Chapter 143 - 143 Battle Between War Generals, Exceeding Humankind!

143 Battle Between War Generals, Exceeding Humankind!

“Good grief! Another War General showed up? What in the world is happening today? To think that I would have the fortune to witness such an occasion!”

The cultivators of Lunan City were very shocked, and some were so excited that their bodies were trembling. What exactly was a War General? He was someone with the leadership ability of a general, who could command one side and direct an army of tens of thousands.

Such a character was usually some general in some military zone or some big shot in the capital. To be able to meet one was considered an honor in one’s lifetime, yet now two of them showed up in one day.

“And did you guys hear him? He said on account of the Gamma Military Zone. That means this War General probably hailed from the Gamma Military Zone.”

“In that case, whether Lu Yu will die here or not is still not certain.”

𝕋𝕙𝕚𝕤 𝕔𝕙𝕒𝕡𝕥𝕖𝕣 𝕦𝕡𝕝𝕠𝕒𝕕 𝕗𝕚𝕣𝕤𝕥 𝕒𝕥 𝕟𝕠𝕧𝕖𝕝-𝕓𝕚𝕟.𝕔𝕠𝕞

The crowd began discussing heatedly. So these people thought only the City Lord’s Office had a backer, a big shot from the Ying family? See this? Didn’t a War General from the Gamma Military Zone step forward to support Lu Yu?

Furthermore, in this age of the post-apocalypse where the Fearsome Beasts ran rampant, the influence and authority of the military zone in society was immensely big. A War General who hailed from a military zone was someone that even the four great families would think twice before engaging.

A Martial Arts Warrior who looked up to Lu Yu as an idol cried happy tears and said, “I told you so! The military zone will never sit back and do nothing when someone wants honorable Mr. Lu Yu dead.”

At this moment, Lu Yu, Qin Yong and Song Yu were staring at this middle-aged man with astonishment.

They were not astounded by the fact that he was a War General, nor that fact that he hailed from the Gamma Military Zone. They were surprised because they had all met this middle-aged man before. He was the cab-driver in the baseball cap who showed up at the Resplendent East Restaurant!

“Haha… you brat! You are such a troublemaker. And I thought I was an incorrigible troublemaker in my youth. Now that I’ve met you, I must say I have to take my hat off to you!”

“You have destroyed the four big dojos and the City Lord’s Office, creating a big vacuum in this tiny Lunan village. If the Military Lord had not instructed me to protect you at all costs, I didn’t even want to come here and wipe your ass for you.”

That middle-aged man pursed his lips and gave a snort while glaring at Lu Yu sideways.

Lu Yu gave an awkward laugh while lying on the ground. As he secretly activated the Emerald Emperor’s Method to heal himself, he said, “In that case, I must thank you, Senior, for saving my life. May I know how I should address you?”

The middle-aged man gestured with his hand and said, “Qi Lei.”

Lu Yu committed this name to his memory, but Song Yu’s expression was filled with shock.

Everyone in the Gamma Military Zone knew the name ‘Qi Lei’. He was the Military Lord Xu Qingguo’s Secretary General and also the overall military advisor to the whole Gamma Military Zone, in charge of training the military zone’s cultivators.

In other words, many of the Grand Masters and Great Grand Masters in the Gamma Military Zone were trained by him.

The fact that Xu Qingguo summoned such a major military bigwig to come and protect Lu Yu proved how much importance Xu Qingguo attached to Lu Yu.

Ying Qu’s expression clouded over. It had occurred to him that the Gamma Military Zone would send someone to protect Lu Yu, but he didn’t expect that person to be Qi Lei.

If a person with Qi Lei’s status and capability was protecting Lu Yu, then things would become troublesome. Nonetheless, Ying Qu said in an icy cold tone, “And if I insist on killing this Lu Yu?”

“Are you sure about this?” Qi Lei frowned as a look of skepticism flashed across his eyes.

Faced with Qi Lei’s status and capability, even the War Generals from the other four great families would retreat. Yet Ying Qu’s reaction was contrary to normal expectations, which Qi Lei could not understand. At any rate, since there was no room for negotiation, they could only duke it out.

The aura of a War General began spreading across the whole place, enveloping the whole Lunan City.

Ying Qu laughed out loud and said, “Let me have a taste then, to see what’s the difference between a War General from the military zone and a War General from one of the four great families.”

With that, the forces of the wind-attribute and water-attribute gathered together like a raging storm. A huge cyclone was formed that covered the sky above the whole Lunan City.

A long rod appeared in Qi Lei’s hand. With a sharp piercing look in his eyes, he swept out. The rod imbued with massive force smashed down violently with an explosive thunderous roar.

A hundred meter long gigantic rod materialized. It was like a divine weapon that came crashing down from the sky through the cloud layers, emitting an overpowering aura that went smashing towards the cyclone.

This scene seemed to have emerged from a mythical legend. It was something that the cultivators of Lunan City would never forget for the rest of their lives as they were so shaken by it.

A gap was cracked open in the cyclone. In the whirlwind of frost, an icicle sword flew out, erupting with a freezing chilly aura.

As a War General cultivator and a bigwig from the Ying family, Ying Qu naturally did not lack S-class weapons.

The icicle long sword, emanating a bone-chilling, freezing aura collided with the long rod. In an instant, the whole domain was covered with a thick layer of ice and all the tall buildings became sealed in icebergs.

A layer of ice also encased Qi Lei’s body. Immediately, his true energy erupted and shattered that layer of ice. He stared at Ying Qu, his eyes full of surprise.

Ying Qu’s abilities were well beyond his expectations. He was not a Junior War General, but an Intermediate War General.

“It’s such a big waste of your talent for the Ying family to send an Intermediate War General like you to such a tiny Lunan City.”

Qi Lei gave a condescending smirk. However, the long rod in his hand had already smashed down before he finished speaking. This time, the force that erupted was even more powerful than the earlier strike.

“Sweeping through Thousands!”

Countless rod shadows appeared, imbued with the might to overturn mountains and toss out oceans. With a loud howl, before the long rod descended, the explosive aura that erupted from them had shattered all the ice layers.

“Heaven’s Frost!”

Ying Qu swept out with the icicle long sword in his hand. A massive ice dragon materialized. With a loud roar, it charged towards the long rod in an attempt to devour it.

A great battle at the level of War Generals was terrifying beyond imagination. It did not look anything like two humans fighting, and even Lu Yu was dumbfounded.

“So this is a War General? It is rumored that a War General can single-handedly stop an army of tens of thousands. Looks like there’s some truth to this rumor.” Lu Yu muttered to himself.

Many War Generals were stationed at the frontier lands of Flame Country. They could defend the whole country against beasts and demons single-handedly. Only powerful experts of this level were qualified for such roles.

“Huh?” Lu Yu, who was in the midst of healing himself, noticed Qin Cheng, who had crept up unnoticed and was now right by his side. There was a menacing look in Qin Cheng’s eyes.

The appearance of a War General powerful expert from the Gamma Military Zone had complicated matters. Qin Cheng saw all this and became anxious. He could not allow Lu Yu to live.

Therefore, while Lu Yu was recuperating, Qin Cheng took the opportunity to creep to his side. He laughed menacingly and said, “Haha! Lu Yu, do you think that you can survive now? How regrettable. I’m going to extinguish that hope of yours with my own hands and give you despair in return.”

Lu Yu gave him a quizzical look and asked, “Are you so certain that you can kill me?”

“Stop using words to delay the inevitable. No matter what happens, you are not leaving this place alive.”

A burst of aura at the Grand Master level erupted from Qin Cheng’s body and converged in his palm. He then slammed that palm down on Lu Yu’s temple.


Lu Yu gave a sigh. His injuries had only healed by about 70%, but it looked like he would have to put his healing on hold for the moment.

In the next second, Lu Yu, who was still lying on the ground, suddenly gave a shudder. The icicles restraining his four limbs were shattered to bits. He appeared remarkably lively, and did not resemble someone who was seriously injured, frightening the living daylights out of Qin Cheng.


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