Amongst Cultivators, I Stand Above All

Chapter 188 - 188 Face Is Still Very Important

188 Face Is Still Very Important

Li Li saw Dong Xi’s eyes and understood. He immediately said, “Master Lingxu, please don’t blame me. I was the one who asked Xiaoxi to address you as Senior Brother.”

Li Li still wanted to ask Dong Xi for advice. If he were to be called martial uncle, wouldn’t he lose face? After all, face was still very important!

Lingxu looked at Li Li, then at Dong Xi, and helplessly sighed.

Forget it, this was Li Li lowering his status, and Master Lingxu did not want to care so much.

Li Li came over to bid farewell to Master Lingxu and told him about the Tribulation Transcendence.

Master Lingxu naturally congratulated him and even gave him a pill.

This is a Foundation-Building and Essence-Cultivating Pill,” said Master Lingxu. “After Master Li Li breaks through, this pill can help you strengthen your foundation and essence and stabilize your cultivation realm.

Li Li kept the pill and remembered their friendship. Then, he took out an eight-trigram disk and jumped on it. He cupped his fists at Master Lingxu and his disciple and left.

Only then did Master Lingxu look at Dong Xi again. He asked, “I heard that you’ve been out for training?”

“Yes!” Dong Xi immediately nodded and said, “Master, I’ve gone out to fight a few demonic beasts, but I’ve found that my cultivation base is still too weak.”

When Master Lingxu heard this, he chuckled and said, “With your current behavior, most people can easily kill you. Master has heard that not long ago, something happened in Fotai City? I heard that a disciple of the Masked Moon Sect had died? I heard he’s the grandson of Elder Zha Chen?”

Speaking of this, Master Lingxu sighed and continued, “Elder Zha Chen, how could you let a Foundation Establishment cultivator kill your grandson? It’s so embarrassing. There are so many good things, but can’t you give me one or two to save my life!”

As he was speaking, Master Lingxu stopped. As if he had thought of something, he immediately took out an item from his storage ring and handed it to Dong Xi.

Dong Xi looked at the item with curiosity. Dong Xi asked, “Master, what is this thing?”

Master Lingxu snorted and said, “I’m afraid that I’ll hear bad news about you one day. I’m old and can’t bear it. This is the Golden Cicada Robe. It only has one function: to let the Golden Cicada escape from its shell.”

Dong Xi frowned.

She could understand what his master was saying, but what was the use of the cicada shedding its shell?

Seeing Dong Xi’s confused expression, Lingxu knew that Dong Xi might not have understood, so he explained, “Wear this on your body. As long as you are attacked, it will shatter and help you block the attack. At the same time, it will teleport you 20 miles away.”

When Dong Xi heard this, her eyes were filled with surprise. Dong Xi said in surprise, “That’s a really good thing!”

Seeing the surprise on Dong Xi’s face, Master Lingxu was naturally very satisfied. He said, “You’re my last disciple, of course, I have to protect you well.”

The smile on Dong Xi’s face instantly froze when she heard the word ‘last disciple’. She looked at Master Lingxu in disbelief.

Last disciple? Shouldn’t it be Chi Yan?

Dong Xi had always thought that she was only here to be Chi Yan’s sparring partner. At that time, Dong Xi felt that it was already a great opportunity for her master to take her in, but now her master had actually personally said that she was his last disciple?

Seeing Dong Xi’s astonished expression, Master Lingxu smiled and did not explain anything. He then said with a smile, “Silly child, quickly go and prepare. Tomorrow, ask the Alchemy Sect disciples go and make their prescriptions. You can tell them how to refine a furnace of good pills!”

Dong Xi immediately agreed. Just as she was about to leave, she seemed to have thought of something and immediately turned around and cupped her fists. Dong Xi asked, “Master, the Beast Trainer Sect said that the demonic race had invaded. Is this for real?”

When Master Lingxu heard this, he laughed disdainfully and did not hide the sarcasm on his face. He mocked, “They are afraid that they won’t be able to answer to the Masked Moon Sect, so they said such a lie.”

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Dong Xi was about to continue asking about Demon Lord Su Cheng’s main body when she heard Master Lingxu continue, “Yesterday, Daoist Master Li Li had already divined for Beast Trainer Sect, but he didn’t find any changes. The most likely variables in the divination were that Beast Trainer Sect was lying, or that their disciple who was invaded by the demons was already dead. It could also be that Daoist Master Li Li didn’t predict it correctly.”

Master Lingxu mentioned a few of his conjectures, but in this world, perhaps only Dong Xi knew the truth of the matter.

It was true that the Beast Trainer Sect disciple had killed the Masked Moon Sect disciple, but the Beast Trainer Sect disciple had been killed by the giant snake in an instant… She still needed to test if the giant snake was a demon, but this test was a little dangerous.


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